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The Best Cleaning & Moving Tips When Having Cats in Your Home

Having pets in your home can be quite exciting as you get to play, talk and spend fun moments with them. Among the many types of pets, cats are more adorable, loving and if trained well, harmless. When keeping furry felines whether in or outdoors, your house needs some extra care and cleaning to rid foul odors, fur and stains. Bringing pets at your place comes with a lot of responsibility as not only you've to look after them but home as well and this duty gets more hectic when planning to move someplace else.

Best Cleaning & Moving Tips When Having Cats in Your Home

If you've caught a headache just thinking how to clean and manage your house after cats, it’s time to dust off the yellow pages and call for help. Cleaning and moving companies provide the best service there is so all you've to do is sit back and relax. Let’s have a look at top tips on how to sanitize cat-related mess if you’re doing it yourself.

Cat-Free Zones
How cute a cat looks when rolling over the sofa, sleeping on your bed or waiting for you at the table before dinner! Still, you don’t want it to wander off unwatched in these places when you’re away for work. Therefore, establish cat-free zones to avoid hairs and stains all over the place. Close bedroom doors, lock the kitchen and closets before going out, thus reducing the laundry load. Simply call cleaning services in Dubai for assistance.

Prevent Your Countertops
No matter how playful or cute your cat is, don’t ever let it walk over kitchen counter tops. Simply prepare a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar and spray over the counter. The tangy smell will keep your cat away. Still, there’re times when your cat won’t just give up pawing on the kitchen counter so always wipe it up with a disinfectant as you don’t want to choke with a cat hair in your meal! Being a resident of Dubai, you can call or email “Dial a Maid” which is the best cleaning company with remarkable services.

Locked Garbage Can
Many times you must’ve observed the garbage can being rammed down by your cat when it’s acting like an alley cat. Simply buy garbage cans with lids that even if pounded by your cat doesn't spill trash all over the place. If you rely on disposable garbage bags, tie them up firmly over the top.

Taming Your Cat
Brush your cat once in a week to prevent hair fall all over your home. The more hair the brush picks, less you’ll find in your living space. Cover your cat’s resting spot with a towel or blanket preventing stains and hairs from going all over. Do vacuum carpet, sofas, bed while mopping the entire house floor for maximum hygiene.

Cleaning the Litter Box
It’s vital to clean a cat’s litter box at least once every day to prevent foul smell from spreading. Empty the litter box, spoon over some vinegar and baking soda before refilling. It’ll control odors while keeping the place smell nice and comfy.

Moving & Packing
When moving to a new place, you must be wondering how to take your cat along as it’s a part of your family but with all the stuff, you must be thinking of other alternatives. No need to worry as best storage companies not only helps in packing and moving your stuff but provides safest means for transporting pets as well. All you've to do is make a call or email the service providers and ask them to bring in moving supplies for your cat.
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How a Clothing Store Can Reach More Customers with Mobile Friendly Websites

The number of people that own and use mobile devices has grown dramatically over the last few years, and so has the number of people that use them to surf the Internet. If you own or manage a clothing store, you can reach more customers by making sure you have a website that’s friendly for mobile surfers.

Clothing Store Customers Mobile Friendly Websites

What are Mobile-friendly Websites?
Essentially, these are sites that look great and function well with mobile devices. Most websites tend to be designed for PCs, which means they don’t exactly work well when viewed from a Smartphone or a tablet. If you want to set up a website that’s friendly to mobile devices, here are some factors to consider:

  • Mobile screens come in various shapes and sizes. Some cellphones have really tiny screens, and some tablets on the other hand have diagonals that measure more than 10 inches across. You can always have different versions of your website to make it friendly to mobile users, or you can implement what’s called a responsive design, which rearranges what’s shown on the screen depending on the screen size. 
  • Your items can be shown only one at a time. The larger screen of the PC may make it possible to display many items on each page for the surfer to inspect, but with the smaller size of most mobile devices you only have space for one item at a time. 
  • Make sure you take into account that people will be tapping the screen instead of using a mouse. This means that you should really avoid tiny links and check boxes. These don’t really work well with stubby fingers. 
  • Forget Website Advertising for the moment. Large banner ads don’t really work on smaller screens. They also tend to slow down the page-loading time, and mobile surfers are a notoriously impatient lot. If they’re surfing on the go, it’s natural for them to expect an “on the go” surfing experience as well. 
How Can You Reach More Customers?
A lot of people are now using mobile devices for surfing. Many mobile users don’t even come into contact with standard websites designed for the PC. With your mobile site you’ll have access to customers that you couldn't reach before. It’s that simple. It’s estimated that more than 20% of all Internet use today is mobile, and now you can reach out to these potential customers!

A lot of internet shopping queries are also done when a person is already in the clothing store. For example, he may be searching Google for some reviews regarding an item you’re selling. You can make it easy for these shoppers by including a lot of reviews on your website. You can even configure your mobile site to ask for email addresses in exchange for discounts or promos, and those email addresses can be very valuable for your future marketing campaigns.

You can also feature a discount at either your brick-and-mortar store or on your website, which will entice customers to buy from you because they feel that they’re getting a better deal for the items you are selling!
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How to Avoid a Fashion Nightmare

Fashion is something specific to the person wearing the Urban Clothing outfit but independently it is so easy to recognize someone who is having a fashion nightmare. There are many weird and wonderful styles out there, some work and some most certainly don't. In London particularly the hipster scene and style of dress is extremely popular and it has resulted in a dramatic change in the way the youths of the streets dress. Fashion is constantly reinventing itself and changing but some people just cannot dress themselves, it is a fundamental fact of life. This article will highlight how best to avoid having a fashion nightmare.

Fashion Trend Advice Tips Nightmares Look Change Modern Trend

A Mirror
I know this may seem like an obvious piece of advice but go and but a full length mirror. Fundamentally this is the best way to avoid any fashion nightmares and you can keep a look out as to how you look on a day to day basis. Looking good by dressing well is something that is extremely personal to you and it doesn't particularly matter what other people think. Fashion is every changing and what you think looks good changes one day can look bad the next, it is just the way things work.

Ask for Advice
Asking for advice is one of the best things you can do, taking a step back and asking people what they think is important. While it is still up to you how you dress yourself, taking tips from others is a good way to avoid any fashion nightmares. We have all seen the celebrity disasters of the past that have made the front pages and you don't want this to be you, albeit on a small scale. There are many places to buy urban clothing nowadays and it is a style that is certainly on the rise. The hipster image has encompassed the urban style within and this has led to its rise in popularity. People are much more willing to experiment with their own styles; it is really interesting to see how fashion has developed in recent times. To have a nightmare nowadays it will have to be pretty bad, boundaries have certainly been loosened.

Be Confident
Being confident in what you wear is something that can get you away from those fashion disasters, it really isn't that difficult to avoid. Act as though you believe in the clothes that you are wearing and if you do this no matter what it looks like people will believe in what you are wearing. We live in a very open minded world with regards to fashion and thus what you wear is entirely flexible. There has been a rise in the vintage style and shopping at charity stores is not uncommon in the modern world. To avoid a fashion nightmare you simply have to plan your outfit, check it out in the mirror and ask what people think but most of all be confident in what you are wearing and believe in it, this will cause others to as well.
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Qualities Required to be a Successful Interior Designer

Being an interior designer is not just about knowing where to put furniture and curtains. You need to have the right educational degree and certain qualities, which will help you accomplish your tasks useful for your customers. If you have the skills listed here, chances are you can become a successful designer who enjoyed his work.

Qualities Successful Interior Designer

A degree from a recognized university is what every job seeks, and similar is the case with the interior designing companies. The Interior Designing Courses sharpen the skills of the students who can later work for a variety of interior spaces, including residential or commercial spaces. The courses teach the students how to choose materials and furniture, as well as colors and finishes, and also understand study the requirements of the consumers.

You need to be creative in order to combine the style of your customers with what works best for a space. Interior designers most successful are those who think outside the box and can create a different space, and at the same time comply with the wishes of its customers.

You need to visualize your ideas in space and can share them with your client. It is important for an interior designer to understand proportions and see how different parts of the home can look better after you apply your thoughts.

Problem solving
Interior designers work for a client who has a specific taste, budget, time, and specific spaces. In most of the projects, you may have to find drawbacks, whether your client's budget is low for your tastes, contractors are not finishing their work on time, or your client does not like your ideas. You will need to find quick solutions to any problems that arise.

Your customers have surely hired you for your style and vision. This is a basic part of being an interior designer. You need to have a sense of aesthetics and know what types of combinations look better. What colors match? What pieces are best in an environment? You can find enough inspiration in books and magazines, but you need to have your own artistic ability to really understand how those portions can look better.

Communication skills
Communication is important in interior design. Not only should you be able to tell your ideas to your clients, but also to contractors and architects, especially if you plan to focus on commercial interior design. Your customers are the ones who will get you the job, so it is important that you communicate your ideas so that they may see your vision. If you want the contractors and architects to adhere to your ideas, you have to learn to communicate with them as well.

Be Detailed
Interior design is not just about furniture and curtains. Decorating small parts, which can complete the d├ęcor, is a very important part of interior decoration. However, this is not the only reason why you should be detailed. A big part of interior design includes how you prepare drawings while designing a space. If you do not take the steps correctly, you can end up having a complete design disaster. By using interior design computer programs, you can be assured of some real life sketches and designs.

Ability to Draw
Although many interior designers prepare their sketches in computers, then also it is important that you know do well how to draw, and ensure that your sketches are more realistic. Many designers prefer to make their own drawings to design a space, so this skill is important.
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Top 6 Perks of Buddhist Meditation

1. Meditation Helps to Boost Health:
Stress Reduction: Meditation has been effective in reducing stress we experience. In many studies Mindfulness meditation also helps lessening anxiety disorders like PTSD and is also useful in decreasing the repetition of depression in patients (Wikipedia). Since stress affects the immune system, meditation indirectly aids to promote overall well-being.

Buddhist Meditation Health Medicine

Chronic Pain: Meditation helped to lessen the pain by 50 % and kept for over 4 years based on the Kabat-Zin. (Clinical Journal of Pain (1986)

National Institute of Health (NIH) declares that the meditation and relaxation therapies notably improved ease of low back pain problems, arthritis, and headaches. (Jama, 276 (4) (1996)
Insomnia: 75 % of insomniacs were able to go to bed within 20 minutes. (Jacobs, Harvard Medical - Say Goodnight to Insomnia, Owl Books (1999)

Mental Health: There was 50 % less in psychiatric symptoms, 70 % loss in anxiety in the inner-city group residents that were expereincing from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, diabetes and hypertension. Roth and Creaser, Nurse Practitioner 22 (3) (1997)

2. It Helps to Develop Your Concentration
Buddhist meditation (Anapana Sati - Mindfulness Meditation) helps to boost your focus. During the mediation, you will learn and understand how to have a one-pointedness concentration on your breath or abdomen rising and falling.  Appeasing down and concentrating your though on one subject lets bringing about your consciousness in your daily life style activities.

3. Meditation Pushes to Obtain Inner Peace and Composure 
The Buddhist meditation has quick effect of tranquility and peace of mind. Over 100,000 meditators at S.N. Goenka 10 day retreats undergo equanimity within first 3 days of meditation. This is the ability to be a neutral observer and see and weigh things as they are and not react to longing and dissatisfactions.

4. Meditation Helps Get Rids of Loss and Suffering
In Buddhist philosophy, suffering (Dukkha un-satisfactoriness) is the effect of too much aspiration and attachment. This eagerness results to craving of good awareness and dissatisfaction of unpleasant feelings. It allows step-by-step comprehension, going through and having equanimity to deal with difficulty.

5. Meditation Helps to Live Life with Loving-Kindness and Humanity
The Neuroscience research which uses the Tibetan Buddhist Monks with over 10,000 hours of meditation showed that Loving-Kindness Meditation has serious results on the brain by improving grace towards unknown people. It makes the mediators feel much healthier, happier and more compassionate. 

6. Meditation Helps to Obtain Buddhist Enlightenment and Nibbana (Nirvana)
Maybe the encompassing objective and advantages of Buddhist meditation is to achieve Buddhist enlightenment and Nibbana. Buddha said that every one of us has the ability to achieve in this lifetime Enlightenment by realizing Four Noble Truths, meditating and following Eightfold path towards liberation and Nibbana. You can check Buddhist Sayings on the web for meditation and enlightenment.
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